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Colchester Cavalcade - Sunday, May 20th

Colchester RecPlex 
215 Old Hartford Rd, Colchester, CT 06415


Game Schedule - Click here

 (Last Updated 5/19 4:10 PM)

Field Map - Click here


FIELD LOCATIONS:  The Colchester Recreational Complex (Rec-Plex) consists of 8 multi-use fields.  CYL has secured five fields including R2, R3, R5, R6, and R7 for the entire event.  R2-R7 are considered the upper fields and R8 (Colchester youth football field) is considered the lower field.  Upper and lower fields are connected by a staircase.


DIRECTIONS:  (directions are available through www.findafield.net)

The physical address for the UPPER fields is 215 Old Hebron Avenue.  The main entrance for the upper fields is the second entrance on the left, however limited parking for R2 & R3 is available by turning into the first park entrance, just after the stop sign. 

Please do not park at the golf course, located across the street from the park entrances.


The physical address for the LOWER field (Colchester Youth Football / R8) is 340 Old Hartford Rd, Colchester, CT.  The main entrance to the lower field is located through the parking lot adjacent to the Colchester Public Work facility (300 Old Hartford Rd).  The primary parking for the lower fields is located in the vacant lot adjacent to the BP Gas Station (339 Old Hartford Rd), which is directly across the street from Colchester Public Works facility.


REGISRATION: Registration table will be located in the vendor area on the upper field. Please go to registration upon arrival to sign in and verify receipt of your certificate of insurance. We are going green this year and are not printing schedules. Please have your teams download the schedule from the Cavalcade site or take a picture of it at the registration area.


CONCESSIONS:  Food and Beverages will be available in the vendor area only this year.  CYL will have snacks, drink and Wicked Whoopies for sale all day. Food trucks include:  Whey Station, Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock, Hot Rocks BBQ and Scottie’s Frozen Custard.


VENDORS:  Colchester Youth Lacrosse has partnered with several highly respected equipment and apparel vendors, including Chill-Life, Sartorius, ManBro Sunglasses, Outside The Circle and event merchandise will be custom designed by Northwest Ink.


RAFFLE: Stop by the raffle table to try your luck at some amazing items! Some items include: Dicks Gift Certificates, donations from event vendors,  STX lax sticks and heads, STX backpack, and various local business gift certificates.


INFORMATION:  In addition to the volunteers working the registration and information tents on the upper and lower fields, there will be several CYL board members walking around with bright green Volunteer T-shirts on.  Please feel free to ask us questions regarding field locations, local restaurants and/or convenience/pharmacy stores.


ABOUT THE REC PLEX:  The Colchester Rec Plex offers something for kids of all ages.  In addition to the multi-use fields, the Rec Plex offers two age appropriate playscapes, a skateboard park and bathroom facilities in three locations (2 upper and 1 lower).  For the adults, the Rec-Plex offers a 2/3 mile walking/running track and has free Wi-Fi in some areas.  Tennis and Basketball courts are within walking distance as well.


REC PLEX RULES:  There are only a few simple rules:

•Smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited.

•Open fires or gas grills are prohibited.  Charcoal grill pits are available near the pavilion.

•Pets are permitted, but must be kept on a leash at all time and you are responsible for clean up!



•All players, parents, and coaches are responsible for following good sportsmanship behavior and fair play; respect referees and respect opponents.

•Anyone who is determined to be verbally or physically abusive to a referee, player, coach, or parent will be reprimanded which may include expulsion from the event.

•Only coaches are permitted on the team sidelines, and must remain on their half of the field.

•Any person asked to leave a game shall not be permitted back on the sidelines for the remainder of the event

•If in the opinion of the CYL Executive Board, the conduct of a team, its coaches or supporters do not meet the standards of sportsmanship that are expected, a team may be barred from further participation in the event.  There will be no refunds of fees or costs in the event of expulsion.


GAMES:  Each team will play four 25 minute running clock games, with start times based upon a universal horn.  There will be a five minute intermission between games.  On occasion, some teams will have back-to-back games.  All efforts were taken to minimize this situation.

12U and 14U games will follow the 10 v 10 format for boys and 12 v 12 format for girls.  10U games will follow a 7 v 7 format.


RULES:  All games shall play by the U.S. Lacrosse National Federation of High School (NFHS) Rules for their respective divisions including:

•No take out checks for all divisions. A take out check is defined as any check in which the player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to put the other on the ground.

•One handed stick checks are considered slashes at all levels.

The following exceptions to the U.S. Lacrosse National Federation of High School (NFHS) Rules will apply for the event:

•The game will consist of one 25 minute period will a running clock.

•No stalling rules will apply.

•Field Players and Goalies must be dressed in full safety equipment.

•Teams are asked to observe age level guidelines.

•Team or coaches timeouts are not allowed.

•Referee injury timeouts are allowed however the game clock will continue to run.

•All Substitutions will be on the fly. (Special Substitutions). Referees will not hold play for substitutions.

•All time serving penalties will result in a fast break restart for the team fouled, and the removal and substitution of the player who committed the foul.  The player who committed the foul will remain out of the game for the penalty period specified by the referee.  Coaches will be responsible for the player staying out of the game for the specified penalty time.

•Referees reserve the right to remove any player from the game who continually commits flagrant fouls.

•If a team scores in a live ball flag down situation the game will be restarted with a face-off.  The player who committed the foul is removed from the game and replaced by a substitute.

•If a team scores and there is a dead ball flag down after the goal the game will be restarted with a fast break.

•Multiple simultaneous fouls by one team will result in only one fast break restart.

•Simultaneous fouls by opposing teams will result in possession and the restart location per the Federation Rules.  The fast break restart will only be given to one team if their foul(s) were technical in nature and the opposing team had personal foul(s).

•Coaches may agree to play 3 pass rule in 10U Girls division.

•Modified checking is permitted in the 14U Girls divisions only.


CONTACT INFO:  If you have any questions regarding the Cavalcade please contact Melissa Corraro at    or 860-625-6651